car insurance for a morris image - site review

I just checked out the website on my laptop and the first impression is that it is a very clear design. It was easy to see instantly exactly what the site is about. I like the font used for the title of the site as well as the colour used and I think this style will appeal to both men and women of all ages. I have to admit that I struggled to read all of the text in one go. Perhaps it would be a little bit easier to read if the text was broken up with another image or a graphic. I like the fact that the icon at the top of the page changes colour when you click on it and the icon is a good size and shape.

However, the front page is very text heavy, and I think that some people might be put off by this. It would be nice if there was a coloured side bar on either the left on right hand side with different features that you could click on. These features could include a contact us section, about the company, at a glance and perhaps a section that features articles related to motor insurance. One of the big advantages of adding articles and regularly updating them is that it will help to raise the profile of your company on Google. The articles will also add a little extra value to your website.

I clicked on the link at the bottom of the page and was instantly taken to the correct page. However, I found the design of this page rather boring. Perhaps because there is so much white space with little to break it up. Again, I think that adding a little texture or a light colour to the background could easily solve this problem.

The website loaded very quickly on my tablet. However, because the screen size was reduced, the graphics were also reduced and there appeared to be a lot of text, which was a little bit discouraging. The white background looks a little bit stark and I would suggest either adding a coloured background or a little texture to the background to create a more appealing effect.

Overall, I really like and found it easy to use. It is easy to see at a glance what the website is about and what you need to do.

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