Can I Drive Any Car at all with Comprehensive Insurance?

Driving without car insurance in the United Kingdom is a punishable offence and may end up in making your pocket lighter by as much as 5000, along with adding several penalty points on your license. Hence, car insurance is not only necessary but a mandatory requirement before you hit the roads with your car.

When buying car insurance, picking the right policy for you is not only important but an equally tricky decision. There are primarily three types of covers available and a third party insurance cover is the mandatory requirement for all cars in the UK. Such a policy covers damages caused to the third party only and is, therefore, not beneficial for car owners.

As motorists prefer to avail complete cover for damages caused to them as well, opting for comprehensive insurance is recommended. A comprehensive insurance policy covers all damages caused to the car, along with those caused to fellow passengers and any other damage that has been caused to someone’s property. In addition, a comprehensive cover also protects against damage to the vehicle due to any natural disaster.

The question that now arises is whether a comprehensive insurance policy covers your needs, if you want to drive a car which is not your own. As all policies are different, the terms and conditions along with the extent of their cover also differ. Most of these policies do permit a car owner to drive another car. Though the cover provided in such cases is only for the third party and might not cover own damages.

In cases where you need insurance on another car for a short period, short term car insurance comes handy. A short term insurance policy also does not impede another policy existing on your car or another car that you had been driving. Such a policy is helpful when you are testing a new vehicle or when you need to add the name of another driver on your vehicle for a few days.

The benefit of a short term insurance policy (click here for more information) is that it does not affect the no-claims discount (NCD) applicable on your annual policy in the unfortunate event of an accident. If you are seeking insurance coverage for anytime between 1-28 days, a short term insurance policy would be your best bet.

However, it is best to check with your insurance company to see if your comprehensive cover allows you to drive cars other than your own. Checking your car insurance certificate is recommended before you sit behind the steering of someone else’s car.

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